Credit Card Security Threats

Your identity and credit card details are vulnerable, and exposed to digital theft.

Todays credit and debit cards have what’s known as NFC technology built into them. it’s the gateway used for Contactless cards, such as Visa payWave, American Express Expresspay, and MasterCard PayPass. Great for consumers as it facilitates fast and easy payments, but also very convenient for credit card scammers and identity thieves.

Using sophisticated, compact skimming devices, thieves in close proximity can lift (or skim) your card details in seconds. Within minutes you’re hacked, your identity is compromised and your card details can be used to make unsolicited purchases. It’s that easy. Consumers and card holders are at risk to an alarming extent.

To defend against these crimes, senior consultants to the USA National Crime Prevention Authority developed anti-skimming technologies.

RFIDGUARD utilizes the technology developed by NCPA to guard against skimming, and protect your personal and financial details. RFIDGUARD is also independently certified to meet USA and Canadian  Standards.

The RFIDGUARD Active card incorporates the latest card-shielding technology. RFIDGUARD’s patented technology makes other forms of contactless card protection obsolete.

RFIDGUARD Active is the only card-shielding device which can create a 90mm-deep, 360º E-Field™ of protection around your credit cards and identity documents.

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Customer Feedback

I often travel overseas and interstate for business. I use my Visa all the time, both for business and personal use. Last trip to Shanghai I got my cards skimmed. The bank put an immediate stop on my card and reimbursed me, but what a pain. Stuck trying to get accommodation without a credit card is virtually impossible. That won’t ever happen again thanks to SkimGuard.

Box Hill, Melbourne, VIC

I was travelling through Asia last Christmas when my bank called and asked if I’d purchased anything in the USA or Spain. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I consider myself a very safe traveller. Since I’ve had my Skim Guard, one in my purse, one in my passport, I’ve never looked back and travel with complete peace of mind knowing I’ll never get ripped off again.

Haberfield, Sydney, NSW

Friends always warned me about it, but I never took much notice. It won’t happen to me I thought! But it did. The police said it was prevelant on railway platforms, my mode of transport to work. My complaicency cost me $675. Lesson learned. I now keep SafeGuard in my wallet at all times, and now travel to work and back without having to worry about being skimmed.

Brisbane, QLD

I had my credit cards skimmed during a visit to Darwin. I only realised when I was filling up my hire car. What a shock, what an embarrassment, what an inconvenience. So I bought a SkimGuard and two visits to Darwin later, all’s good. I feel secure, I feel confident, and I feel safe. Thank you SkimGuard.

Nelson Bay, NSW